How I work

Before commencing Counselling or Psychotherapy, I will offer an exploratory session to discuss whether this work is suitable for you. It will give you a chance to ask any questions that may not have been covered in this profile, and it will also give you the opportunity to get to know me and the style in which I work.

Often the way we relate to those around us is based on the past patterns of relating that we have experienced in childhood. There are times in our life when we need a safe and confidential space to begin to explore and make sense of the less helpful experiences and behaviours that can lead to the breakdown of important personal and professional relationships around us. At times this experience can leave us feeling confused and unable to make sense of ourselves. Accessing support through counselling and psychotherapy can help us to gain a deeper understanding of our patterns of relating to ourselves and others, and how they may be changed to enable more fulfilling relationships.

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