How I work

Counselling, or therapy, offers you a confidential space to talk about your situation with someone who is completely separate from your personal life. 

We would start with a conversation about what’s troubling you at the moment; perhaps something in your life has changed, or needs to. I will try to understand and won’t judge you.  Together, we can gradually uncover deeper reasons for your current unhappiness and symptoms.  

The way I work with you is influenced by theories about our development and needs, and how our cultural context and change affects our sense of identity and state of mind. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to discuss this or other questions during an initial session or later. 

I work collaboratively, and see my clients as the experts on their own experience; you decide on what you want to get out of our sessions, and I will try to help you achieve that. 

During our time together, you may start to see your situation in a new light, discover new trust in yourself and others, and a stronger sense of purpose and direction. Some people feel they are transformed, while for others, it’s a more subtle, but usually positive outcome. 

I work in line with the ethics of the UKCP - the UK Council for Psychotherapy and BACP - the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, of which I’m a registered member. 

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